Bringing Power to Youth Voices.

The Thinkubator is a Bronx-based innovation and workforce development organization. We bring power to youth voices through internships, consultancy, work-based learning experiences, jobs, academic advising, mental health and wellness and career counseling. We are working toward a more equitable, just, and inclusive world.

The Thinkubator Turns One!

 Read our annual report, the impact we have made, and why it’s so important to financially support our youth as we prepare them for the workplace and build a more equitable, just, and inclusive workplace.

The Thinkubator Programs

Year 1 by the Numbers


Program Participants & Interns





With 100+ attendees


Employers & Clients


Awarded in Grant funding

The Thinkubator is making a true impact
in the lives of youth!

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provided by Bronx based companies to Bronx youth during 2018-2020.



engaged and focused on youth talent development and providing work-based learning experiences to Bronx youth.


Junior Consultants

(students) hired through The Thinkubator Solves program to provide solutions to real world business and public sector challenges.

The Thinkubator aspires to a world where young people from the Bronx and similar communities are trained, educated, and powered to bring their voice to business, organizational, societal, and world challenges.

The Thinkubator is a Bronx-based innovation and workforce development nonprofit organization. We craft innovative strategies to complex local challenges that have global implications. The Thinkubator approaches our work with a racial and economic equity lens through three major areas: education, research, and community.

Education provides education, career, and work-based learning opportunities for young adults. We seek to prepare diverse, low-income youth from the Bronx and similar communities to succeed in the workplace and the world.

Community concentrates on the intersection of issues that inhibit communal growth, development, and productivity and tackles them head on with the communities we serve.

Research conducts research, analysis and creates policy solutions to complex challenges. It leverages its data collection and strong analytical skill set to provide strategic consultancy to education, nonprofit, public, and private sectors.


Dr. Edward Summers, President and CEO, The Thinkubator discusses The Thinkubator’s Impact and the Fundraising Campaign for The Thinkubator

Collectively, The Thinkubator provides a systematic approach to workforce, economic and community development, educational attainment, and combating poverty.