Community, Educators, and Community-Based Organizations

The Thinkubator believes that Bronx residents, educators, community-based organizations, and the community-at-large are critical to changing the current economic climate in the Bronx. To address the skills and talent gap in the Bronx, The Thinkubator will convene, partner, and broker connections among the various constituents that comprise of The Bronx. We believe we are stronger together and can develop a pool of talent that are competitive in the marketplace.


 The Thinkubator convenes youth, government, educators, business leaders, community-based organizations to identify issues impacting the economic growth of The Bronx, including youth and business concerns, labor issues, education and workforce development challenges and developing actionable strategies to address them.


We partner with other youth-based organizations such as HERE to HERE, Dream Yard, and The Knowledge House to provide young people with work-based learning experiences, internships, and meaningful opportunities to amplify their voices to affect change.

The Thinkubator also partners to develop on-demand innovative training and educational programs to meet the needs of employers.

Connecting & Brokering

The Thinkubator serves as a connector for youth, communities, businesses, and government in The Bronx; we broker relationships among its many constituents to ensure that the Bronx economy thrives and that youth are at the center of these connections.

We directly connect existing program participants, students, and alumni to jobs and careers that exist now and in the future.