Talent Development

The Thinkubator exists to train, educate, and connect Bronx youth to work-based learning experiences, employment, and educational opportunities. We are focused on building a work-ready talent pool in the Bronx. The Thinkubator works with business leaders and managers, nonprofit organizations, and the public sector to identify talent gaps within industries and companies and works with our alumni and partner program alumni to fill those gaps. We train the talent you need to sustain, develop, and grow your business.

Talent Placement

The Thinkubator places young people in internships, youth-led consultancy experiences, and project-based work to provide them with the skills and competencies necessary to take on important project management based roles with companies and organizations. The Thinkubator Hires program to be launched in in 2021 in partnership with The Knowledge House connects program participants to available opportunities in the borough through a Bronx based job board.. Businesses have an opportunity to post available positions and search the database for talent you need today.

Professional Development

We provide young people enrolled in our programs with the professional development they need to learn, grow, and develop both personally and professionally. We are committed to working with our young people and your staff to ensure that they have the requisite skills to be successful. If you’re looking for opportunities to provide professional development opportunities to your existing staff. speak with a Thinkubator staff member about your needs.

Employers have a variety of ways to be involved with The Thinkubator. Below are examples of different challenges, projects and internships that participants have completed. We work to design work experiences that meet your needs while leveraging our participant’s skills and experience.


  • A local bank challenged participants to find ways to engage the unbanked and underbanked
  • A local barbershop challenged participants to find ways to increase traffic with COVID restrictions
  • A nonprofit challenged participants to find new ways to connect with their community while implementing safe COVID practices
  • A national organization challenged participants to redesign their grantmaking process

Industry Project

  • Teams researched methods to appeal to a diverse set of audiences in order to increase representation among diverse professionals for a multi-national corporation
  • Teams designed social media strategy plans for local small businesses with limited capacity and expertise in online marketing
  • Teams worked with a nonprofit launching an online storefront to raise funds to research products and advertising methods


Each internship can vary but will focus on soft/essential skill development. Past internships have included:

  • Working with the sales and operations departments to design a sustainability program
  • Working with the accounting department to create presentations on current and upcoming projects
  • Working on data entry, reports and communication with clients and vendors
  • Working with consumer loans department to create initial assessments of applicants