Mental Health and Wellness is a critical element to developing well-balanced adults.

We, at The Thinkubator believe that everyone should be taught skills and methods to balance education, work, family life, and just the challenges of the world. The Thinkubator provides all program participants with the necessary support to be successful in our programs and in life. We offer individual and group sessions with trained leaders in social work and mental health counseling. 

Our curriculum include but not limited to the following:

Anger & Frustration

Fear & Anxiety

Loneliness during Quarantine

Balance (School, Work, Personal Life)

Drug Abuse amongst Family & Friends

Self- Care Strategies

Positive and Proactive Communication Tools

Mental Health & Its Stigma

The Criminal Justice System and Its Flaws

Finding, Choosing, and Outgrowing Friends

Nathalie Vargas

Morine Bowen-Avery

Linda Edwards

Tamika Ramos-Ungetwitter