Mental Health and Wellness is a critical element to developing well-balanced adults.

At The Thinkubator, we understand the difficulties youth face daily and the potential effects on their mental health. In the summer of 2020, we developed several workshops to address all aspects of student wellness. We addressed their social, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual needs, as well as the impact of political upheaval during a global pandemic. Topics varied from advice on balancing school and work from home to the importance of healthy coping mechanisms. With these workshops, students had the opportunity to express themselves openly in a confidential setting and learn new skills to increase their personal, social, academic, and professional success. Due to the positive impact these sessions had on youth, Mental Wellness Workshops are now a component of all our programs and have expanded to address occupational, financial, environmental and physical aspects of mental wellness also. Each student will also have the opportunity to engage in one-on-one counseling sessions with wellness workshop facilitators. 

Our curriculum include but not limited to the following:

How to address and overcome fear and anxiety

How to deal with loneliness during quarantine

Using positive and proactive communication tools when speaking to family members

The secret to expectations revealed 

Improving sleep quality and dealing with frustration

Balancing school, work and a personal life

Mental health & its stigma

Finding, choosing and outgrowing friends

The criminal justice system and its flaws

Black lives matter versus the LGBTQI+ community 

Nathalie Vargas

Morine Bowen-Avery

Linda Edwards

Tamika Ramos-Ungetwitter