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The Thinkubator is making a true impact in the lives of youth!

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provided by Bronx based companies to Bronx youth during 2018-2020.



engaged and focused on youth talent development and providing work-based learning experiences to Bronx youth.


Junior Consultants

(students) hired through The Thinkubator Solves program to provide solutions to real world business and public sector challenges.

Kayla M.

Began with us during our Bronx PIC Thinkubator program as a high school senior (Fall 2019)

Continued on to BMCC and participated in Solves under newly formed organization; became vocal member of our Youth Council (Fall 2020—Present)

Chrision W.

Participated in Fall 2019 Thinkubator program as a high school senior (Fall 2019).

Graduated from DreamYard Prep and secured a Posse scholarschip to Lawrence University.

Asmaou B.

Fall 2020 Solves participant;

Now: An Apprentice with Ernst & Young as Business Operations Analyst

Yailee V.

Summer 2020 Solves participant;

Now: full-time employment with J.P. Morgan Chase as Junior Coder

Naomi Okunrobo

My name is Naomi Okunrobo, and I am a 17 year old senior at Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics. I live in the Bronx, and I like to play soccer and badminton. I have recently found planting to be a new hobby of mine, too! I have been part of The Thinkubator Trains, The Thinkubator Leads, and I am currently the youth representative on The Thinkubator Board of Directors. Before being part of The Thinkubator, I have never had an internship or had any professional experience outside of academics. I was also more of an introverted person who was not usually the one to start a conversation. But this all changed when I participated in The Thinkubator Trains. Not only did I gain professional experience, but I also learned to get out of my shell and take more initiative. I became more social and even took the leadership role in my group. The skills I developed through The Thinkubator helped me gain more leadership roles in my school; for example, I am now the President of my class and the History Club. I was also able to join The Thinkubator Board of Directors as a youth representative. None of this would be possible if I did not participate in Thinkubator Trains and Leads- Youth Council. I am grateful for The Thinkubator for giving me the platform to learn and execute skills that I didn’t even know I had!


Emmanuel Uzobuife

My name is Emmanuel (Manny) Uzobuife, and I am 16 (turning 17 on September 19). I go to Milton Academy in Milton, MA, but have lived in the Bronx since I was 3 years old. My academic interests include engineering, science, medicine, and technology. My hobbies include watching movies and shows, skateboarding, and working out. I have been part of The Thinkubator Solves, Trains, and Leads, or the Youth Council. Before joining The Thinkubator, I was not sure how I could use my academic interests to make an impact in my community, but after joining, I realized that there are a host of ways to make an impact. With Solves, I learned the power of helping one person at a time, especially during COVID. With Trains, I learned about different organizations that I can contribute to, and with Leads, I learned . The Thinkubator has helped me widen my view on ways I can contribute to my community, Before Thinkubator, I thought that I had to be older or have money to make a meaningful impact in my community, but Thinkubator helped me realize that I can make a substantial change in my community despite my age or socio-economic status. Within The Thinkubator, I have contributed participation hours to Hunger Free America, helped host a discussion between Bronx Presidential candidates, as well as helped a local restaurant owner revitalize her business after COVID hurt her business.

Hima Ramnarine

My name is Hima Ramnarine, I’m 17, and a graduate of Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics. I’m attending Franklin & Marshall College as a Posse Scholar and will major in Sociology or Communications. I am Caribbean and Asian, and I was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. I love to travel, spend time with loved ones, and listen to music. One of my main goals is to always be a part of making a difference. I was a part of The Thinkubator Trains Program last year. Before The Thinkubator, I was personally engaged in a lot of projects that were interesting to me. Professionally, I was a part of internships but not contributing as much as I wanted to. The Thinkubator has shaped who I am because it helped me understand how to play an important role in the professional world. It supported me in navigating LinkedIn, practicing wellness, hosting interviews, and conducting research for meaningful tasks. Some accomplishments I have achieved in The Thinkubator were working with the Bronx Borough President’s Office in addressing education during the pandemic; I also had the opportunity to interview Sharone Wellington-deAnda as well as the CEO, Edward Summers, for a video I created that won a Honorable Mention in a national competition!

Shamar Folkes

“The Thinkubator TRAINS program definitely pushed me further than when I did the Bronx P.I.C 2 years ago. It paired me with BSG and got me on the right track to success. The party planning activity with Luna at the TRAINS program was my favorite because I got to show my creative side and actually plan something.”

Natalie Gonzalez

“I believe The Thinkubator helped me adapt to changes with the pandemic, and led to me having more opportunities after the program! I was able to build up my network with founders of many different companies, and a supervisor who has been helping me build my own resume!”

Paul Mazzu

“The Thinkubator has helped me develop job-level skills and better thinking skills that I will be able to use in my future. My favorite experiences at the Thinkubator were the Ice-Breaker challenges and getting to know some of my fellow co-workers.”

Janae Brown

“I feel like I’ve known The Thinkubator for years and I just wanted to point out the community and how much I’ve learned in such a short time. I don’t even feel like I am learning and I always look forward to going to program sessions because of how fun it is and how much it opens up my mind!”

The Thinkubator turns 1. Read our annual report, the impact we have made, and why it’s so important to financially support our youth as we prepare them for the workplace and build a more equitable, just, and inclusive workplace.