The Thinkubator places young people at the core of solving complex and not so complex business, organizational, societal, and world challenges.

We tap into the creative ingenuity of young people through youth-led design thinking consultancy, internships, workforce training, career development, job placement, a Youth Council, educational programming and advocacy. All program participants partake in our mental health and wellness programming. ​

The Thinkubator Job Corps Program

Launching fall 2021, The Thinkubator will place 100 Bronx young adults in internships with the goal of placing them in full-time employment and/or post-secondary education or training upon completion of the program. Funded by Robin Hood, the largest poverty fighting organization in New York City, The Thinkubator will focus on helping New York City and in particular the Bronx to recover from the economic impact of Covid-19. Placing young adults in a training environment with the goal of employment and/or further their education is critical to upskilling vulnerable populations and allowing them to participate in a meaningful way in our economy and democracy.

For potential employer partners or program participants contact The Thinkubator at

The Thinkubator Solves

The Thinkubator Solves is a youth-led design thinking think tank consultancy where Thinkubator Junior Consultants (both high school and college students) with the support of professionals craft solutions to real-world challenges, and/or opportunities facing businesses, nonprofits, government and the world. Following an innovative program designed by The Do School, DreamYard, HERE to HERE and The Bronx Private Industry Council (PIC), The Thinkubator Junior Consultants take a holistic approach, working directly with selected companies and organizations, to understand the client’s need and develop thoughtful solutions that solves for challenges.

The Thinkubator Trains

The Thinkubator Trains provides companies, organizations, and the public sector with the talent they need to be successful. The program leverages its partnership with HERE to HERE and DreamYard to connect work-ready youth with paid internships and work-based learning experiences throughout the Bronx. The Thinkubator Trains program provides comprehensive recruitment, placement, professional development, and mentoring for both the youth interning and business or organization hosting interns. We seek to develop, build, and place the talent employers need to achieve their long-term business and organizational goals and help to build a bright economic future for the borough.

In addition to traditional internships, The Thinkubator Trains program seeks to work with clients of The Thinkubator Solves program to implement and evaluate recommendations from The Thinkubator Solves program. This 360 approach allow youth to gain valuable work experiences to position them in a competitive market place.

The Thinkubator Leads

The Thinkubator Leads will convene youth to help The Bronx, New York City, and the world think through large complex problems that impact young people. Leads brings power to youth voice and seeks to partner with other youth led and focused organizations to amplify the voices of young people. The youth will be selected based on previous participation in The Thinkubator, HERE to HERE, DreamYard, The Bronx PIC, and select partner programs. The Thinkubator Leads may initially take on the role of helping The Bronx reimagine the future of the Bronx economy.

The Thinkubator Hires

The Thinkubator Hires to be launched in 2021 is critical to The Thinkubator and its programs. The program provides access to a Bronx Job Board that connects young people to employment opportunities right in the Bronx. We are committed to providing young people with connections to employers looking for talent. The Bronx Job Board is an important connector for employers and The Thinkubator program participants.